VIDEO: I Am Campaigning For Homosexualism To Be Legalized In Ghana – Adonai Lucifer

It is very difficult for the human nature to accept things that are different or uncommon. Naturally, we tend to follow the herd mentality. We follow what the majority of people think is good and right when we do not have a strong opinion about an issue. Thinking that if majority of people think this way then it should be more or less correct.

I believe this is what has happened with the LGBT community as well. In some places on the globe, people murder gays because they think it is a devilish act and must be stopped.

Others also think that taking the life of a gay is an act that does not please even God. After all they are creations of God and must have the right to live and the freedom to practice what pleases their soul.

The issue of no one decides whether they should be born a gay or straight, or for that matter a boy or girl, or whether they should be born into a rich or poor family makes the issue more complex.

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A young man whose name was given as Adonai Lucifer, made it clear in the studios of Occasions TV that he is a gay and campaigning for homosexualism to be legalized in the country. According to him, in just 5 years whether Ghanaians like it or not homosexualism will be legalized in Ghana.

He threw this challenge and made some shocking revelations in an interview with Obaapa Sika on Occasions TV.

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