Women are tormented by strange spirits than men — Founder of Sabash Herbal Centre

The Founder of Sabash Herbal Centre, Dr. Kwaku Saba has said the most glorious people on this earth are women.

He indicated that due to that, women are more prone to negative spirits than men.

According to him, the Hebrew word for glory in the Old Testament means “heaviness” or “weight”. It is a word used in everyday language to express the worth of a person.

He added that it expresses the ideas of power, importance, splendour, greatness, honour, and many more.

Dr. Kwaku Saba added that glory can be described as the manifestation of God’s presence on a person as perceived by men. “It is that glory which is inexplicable but can make one attracts good things to themselves and the person enjoys God’s blessings without struggling.”

He added that the devil attacks the good things one possesses and it is the reason why women are afflicted spiritually than men.

“Spiritually, evil spirits work hard and try to look for those who have a lot of glory and attack them. It is said in our language that, all eyes are against those who lead and have their glory soaring. Women have glory and it is the reason why spiritually women are more tormented and have more problems spiritually”.

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Dr. Saba noted that the reason most women are easily possessed by spirits is because the thread on which their glory hangs has been broken. “When it happens like that such women can struggle through life and nothing works for them. Unless God and the help of our ancestors through prayers are sought for them, that is what can help alleviate the suffering of a woman”.

Dr. Kwabena Saba spoke on Television CK monitored on YouTube on the topic “Glory”.

In conclusion, he cautions both men and women to be careful about how they leave their lives in order not to compromise their glory. When your glory is destroyed, it makes life very difficult for you to succeed in life especially women.”