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UER: Fruitful Life Chapel International supports inmates of Navrongo Prisons

The Fruitful Life Chapel International, on the occasion of its 16th Anniversary, has provided lunch to about 150 inmates of the Navrongo Prisons and urged them not to be despair in their current situation. This follows a similar exercise last year to the same facility.

The celebration of the anniversary is an annual affair. This year’s theme was “Recognizing the voice of God”. Addressing the inmate, the leader of the church Prophet Kwao Dadzie encouraged them to be hopeful and change their course so they can be useful after serving their full term.

He cited great men of God such Joseph, Peter, Jeremiah was imprisoned but they never gave up the purpose for which they were pursuing and came out great men.

The likes of Nelson Mandela of South Africa. Therefore each time you visit prisoners you are fulfilling scripture.

Receiving the hot meals, the Regional PRO of the Navrongo Prisons ASP Yankpani Alhassan expressed their appreciation for the kind gesture adding that, government alone cannot cater for all the needs of the prisoners.

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He stated that the inmates are given GHC1.60 pesewas for three meals per day which is woefully inadequate and appeal to other organization to help feed the inmate.

The church members were not allowed in the prison yard due to the COVID-19 restrictions, the safety protocols measures were all being adhered to strictly.

ASP Alhassans gave the assurance that the food donated will surely be given to the inmates.