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“Attaching religion in Rastafarian saga dangerous” – Samini calls out to Achimota authorities

Dancehall act Samini has waded into the debate over Achimota denying students admission because of their dreadlocks.

According to the Ghanaian dancehall act, he sees it strange that someone’s hair is the subject of a school denying him admission.

He warns that accepting the student based on religious grounds will be dangerous.

“I must admit I find it strange that in 2021, someone’s rights to education are being questioned over the “construct” of his hair. Not his intellect, not his ability to become a national asset in the areas of Arts, Maths or even the sciences…his HAIR!,” he said.

In a Facebook post, Samini continued that “but is the debate one of a personal hairstyle preference or a debate triggered by religion? If it is an issue of style and preference then I would humbly plead that our authorities take a second look at this questionable “decree” that smacks of intimidation, discrimination and even to some extent, racism!”

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The ‘My Own’ singer’s post came with a photo of himself with his two sons who all have dreadlocks. “How will the locks make other students uncomfortable? How will the locks affect his performance? Or wait, will the locks perhaps turn into snakes at midnight and hound other students? Can someone please help me understand why I cannot wear my hair the way I want to school in 2021?,” he quizzes.

“Let’s even leave the public schools and turn our focus on the private schools who allow any kind of hair preference on their premises. Do we have any records of any troubles being created? I don’t think so,” Samini said.