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Treat constructive criticisms with seriousness, not branding critics as enemies — Broadcast journalist tells DCE

Constructive criticisms in most developed countries are considered as a way to better measure and build effective democratic governance, but it becomes an offense in Ghana’s body politics where critics are rather branded as enemies or anti-government.

A broadcast journalist in Nkwanta-North District of the Oti Region, Mr Jonathan Onimor told Modernghana News in relation to the under-development challenges confronting the district.

According to Jonathan, a professional teacher and also a radio broadcaster with Kae FM, since the district was created some four years ago, the area has allegedly been denied infrastructural development projects.

The teacher observed that the district capital of Nkwanta North, Kpassa is the most underdeveloped town in Oti Region.

He disclosed that the predominant occupation of the district is farming with limited business activities and one anticipated that the foundation of the district could improve the lives of the people with the creation of a new district.

Jonathan cited for instance that at Kpassa where the district capital is sited, the residents lack many facilities.

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He said Kpassa is a busy commercial town but lacks good roads, well-equipped hospitals, NHIS office, GNAT office, banks, unstable power supply, outmoded market structures among others.

Jonathan bemoaned that the under-development situation in the district is a subject of discussion, stressing that the DCE Hon Jackson Kwame Jackayi has been contacted on several occasions for solutions.

According to him, the DCE rather brands them as anti-government element who wants to use false criticisms to paint him and government black.

He indicated that the aggrieved youth have expressed their readiness to embark on regular demonstrations for the right thing to be done if government fails to address the issues confronting them.