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MTN Foundation commissions phase II of NYEEP; 50 people benefit

MTN Ghana foundation in collaboration with Plan International Ghana have commissioned the phase II of the Youth Employment and Entrepreneurial Project (YEEP) which saw 50 beneficiaries graduating.

The Youth Employment and Entrepreneurial Project trained and equipped young men and women from Suhum of the Eastern region in mobile phone repairs.

The event that took place at the Suhum Municipal Assembly on Wednesday, 24 March, 2021 had the Municipal Chief Executive of the area, Hon. Margaret Darko Darkwa, executives from Plan International Ghana and MTN Ghana Foundation in attendance.

The commissioning of phase I was held on the 21st January, 2021 at the Nsawam Adoagyiri Municipal Assembly. The first phase graduated 50 beneficiaries of which 14 were females and 36 males.

As part of MTN Ghana Foundation and Plan International Ghana’s effort to augment Ghana’s effort to reduce the rising youth unemployment, the two organizations took the beneficiaries through a ten-day intensive training on mobile phone repairs.

Beneficiaries were taken through the introduction to mobile phone technology, Basic customer service, front end repairs, Repair and rectification of faults of mobile phones, and how to maintain a safe and secure work environment.

For easy entry into the mobile phone repair market, the trainees were provided with certificate of participation, start-up tools and kiosks. This helps mitigate the hurdles of looking for startup capital.

Addressing the gathering, the Chief Cooperate Senior Director for MTN Ghana Foundation, Samuel Koranteng, emphasized that the project is very dear to MTN, the reason why the foundation committed GHS 445,000 to train and equip the young ones with the relevant skills to help build the country.

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According to him, MTN Ghana Foundation “strongly believe this will go a long way to reduce the youth unemployment rate in the community and the country as a whole because the project has equipped the trainees with ready employable skills”.

The rippling effect is that, “in a few years’ time these trainees will become masters and they can train other people in this trade”.

Since 2017, the MTN Ghana Foundation has implemented 154 projects across the nation with an investment of over 15 million USD in sectors such as education, health and economic empowerment according to him.

He further urged beneficiaries to put their community first in delivering their services and their customers will reward them with sustained business.

According to the Country IT Manager of Plan International Ghana, Madam Maud Tsagli, Plan International Ghana prioritizes equipping the youth with entrepreneurial skills and employment especially for young women and girls in fulfilling the SDG goal 8.

“We at Plan International Ghana believes in equipping young people with employment and sustainable entrepreneurship skills for young women and girls in fulfillment of the SDG goal 8, which calls for decent and economic growth, there is the need for a rapid paradigm shift towards transformative training systems to develop the knowledge, skills, and creativity needed to secure the future of our young people to enable them to acquire decent jobs to sustain themselves, families and Ghana as a whole,” she said.

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She also reminded beneficiaries that there will be challenges and even failure as they move out to face the real world of work but they should never despair nor give up but keep going.

“I’m pretty sure you won’t be naive expecting smooth sailing in the life journey ahead of you. There will be disappointments, there may be some mistakes and even failures. All come as a big package in growing up and becoming wise and becoming successful. So, be prepared for them, stay strong, and stay committed” she added.

Expressing her gratitude to MTN Ghana Foundation and Plan International Ghana, the Municipal Chief Executive, Hon. Margaret Darko Darkwa said she was particularly happy and thankful that her Municipality was chosen for this project.

She intimated that the era where the people of Suhum will have to drive to Accra or Koforidua to have their phones repaired is now a thing of the past.

“As a mother, acquiring skills is something to build your future. This training shouldn’t go astray, take it as something that you are going to do to help build your future.

“As a Municipal Chief Executive today, I was once a hairdresser. I learned hairdressing. Through commitment, dedication and hard work that has brought me this far” she advised.

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Beneficiaries are Elated

Diana Ohene Ansah a beneficiary expressed excitement for the knowledge and skills acquired from the training and revealed that though it was not easy at the start and subsequently she got used to it and liked it.

Miss Ansah sees herself expanding her shop into a bigger one to beat up competition from her male counterparts.

Even though she wants to continue to the university to pursue her education, but at the moment she wants to be an ambassador and a motivation to other young girls. She hopes to employ more young ladies into her shop.

Doris feels challenged and happy

Doris Asante graduated in January 2021 in the first phase of the YEEP and was engaged to be part of the facilitators for phase II of the project.

She revealed to ModernGhana News that she felt challenged and nervous to face the other trainees to train them but she “overcame it as the training progressed”.

She was again happy that her efforts were recognized by MTN Ghana Foundation and Plan International.

She also noted that since she began repair works people did not think she could work.

“At first, they thought I am a lady so I may not be able to repair their phones but as the time went on, some of them brought their phones and I proved them wrong. Now they patronize my service”.