Exclusive look inside the fabulous lifestyle of Tokyo’s finest, Kobe Opoku

Japan-based Ghanaian entrepreneur, Kobe Opoku Amanfo has been dazzling Instagram users with his fabulous lifestyle for years.

Kobe joined his father, Frank Anthony Amanfo in Japan some 15 years ago, and now they are business partners in the popular lounge and dining bar, R2 Supperclub, located in Roppongi, Tokyo.

Meet the Ghanaian father and son team taking Japan’s nightlife by storm

PrettyKobe, as he is known on Instagram, gave Ameyaw TV a fun insight into his lifestyle; and according to him, although many people assume he is all about blowing money on expensive watches, nightlife and designer clothes, he spends majority of his money on investments and helping people.

Check out the expensive things he spends his money on, his ideal vacation spots, favourite cars, must-haves,  and more!

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Kobe Opoku overcame racism in Japan, as he plans opening biggest nightclub in Tokyo ahead of Olympics

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