South African High Commission endorses Dyzrupt African Women’s Empowerment Challenge

The South African High Commissioner to Ghana, Grace Jeanet Mason has extended her support to the 2021 Dyzrupt African Women’s Empowerment (Dyz-AWE) project.

Launched on September 01, 2019, Dyzrupt LTD is positioned to become one of Africa’s most disruptive technology start-ups. Dyzrupt’s objective is to foster wealth creation for Africans and others through creative, unconventional approaches that help address local challenges.

The Dyzrupt African Women’s Empowerment (Dyz-AWE) project themed “An African Women Entrepreneurship Challenge” is part of Phase 1 of activities planned by Dyzrupt Limited.

The competition kicks off in April 2021 for any African woman between the ages of 18-45 who has a business or a business idea. The overall winner takes home $30,000, the second runner-up takes $5,000 and 10 other women will walk away with $500 plus business support which includes branding, mentorship, marketing, and access to markets.

Speaking at the meeting, the Chief Communications Officer of Dyzrupt, Mr. Kwame A. A. Opoku gave spoke about the inspiration for the creation of the challenge.

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He said: “Data has shown that a lot of women, especially in technology are extremely underrepresented. For us it is equitable distribution, how do we make sure that a lot of women are bringing their innovations and their businesses to the marketplace. That is why we launched this.”

The Dyzrupt African Women’s Empowerment (Dyz-AWE) project will run three times this year and business-minded women are invited to join the challenge.

Watch the video below.

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