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Martin Short joins SNL as second gentleman Doug Emhoff, gets ‘mauled’ by Biden’s dog Major

Martin Short made a guest appearance on Saturday Night Live over the weekend, where he portrayed Kamala Harris’ (played by host Maya Rudolph) husband and second gentleman Doug Emhoff.

The Passover-inspired sketch featured Short’s Emhoff admitting that he was shy, but he still had a song of support for his wife, the Vice President: “I want you to know, listen to me girl, I support you”.

Rudolph’s Harris then called him her “load bearing wall,” and the pair embraced in an awkward spooning hug.

Also during the sketch, Aidy Bryant returned with her impression of Texas senator Ted Cruz, who blamed his daughter for scraping Emhoff’s Prius.

“I’ve never been to a Jewish dinner so I brought some Israeli flag cupcakes,” Bryant-as-Cruz said, “and I’ve got a ton of these leftover from the CPAC. And I’ve got some pigs in a blanket.”

A German Shepherd, playing the Bidens’ “back from being retrained” dog Major, also showed up, lunging Short’s Emhoff.

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Short’s Emhoff soon recovered after the attack, though, saying, “something spooked that hell hound.”

Major, one of two dogs owned by President Joe Biden and the first lady, recently made headlines after he caused “a minor injury” to an individual at the White House.