Is Ezugi Making Slot Games?

Ezugi is an online live casino games provider that has set itself apart since its conception. Starting in 2012, Ezugi began life by providing mobile phone and online live deal games. This means that their initial aim was to provide content for online casino games.

Ezugi have surpassed that goal and have undergone a massive expansion over the last twelve years. So does that mean that Ezugi is now making free online slots games?

Ezugi’s expansion

To look at the success of Ezugi we first have to find out where they began. In 2012, Ezugi launched in their home offices nation of Bulgaria. From here, they began proving video dealers for online casino games.

They provide live dealer games such as roulette, baccarat, live blackjack and live poker. But they weren’t content with just one audience. Since then, Ezugi has expanded to feature games in Portomaso, Malta, Romania and most recently Lithuania.

That’s some crazy expansion. But does this mean that they want to branch out into other games? Maybe some slot games?

Slot games from Ezugi

Unfortunately, Ezugi is a company that prides itself on making the best live casino games.

This means that they do not feature any slot games as yet. They do not fit into their business model.

So, what does Ezugi do?

Ezugi live dealers

Ezugi are a company that provides live dealers to online casino. That includes games of live blackjack or roulette. Slot games do not require a dealer.

That is their business model. They want their dealers out there and providing the best live dealing games experience possible. So far, Ezugi has done this successfully so why change?

What about Ezugi’s future?

The future of Ezugi

Since Ezugi has spent the last few years expanding into different foreign markets, you would expect them to rest on their laurels. However, that is not the case.

In 2019, the business director for Ezugi stated that their plans extended to more acquisitions and expansion. In that time they have made a deal to operate in Lithuania but more importantly, they were acquired by Evolution Gaming.

Who are Evolution Gaming?

Evolution Gaming

Evolution Gaming were a rival live casino games dealer that saw Ezugi as the perfect company to absorb. What has all this got to do with slot games?

Well, Evolution Gaming recently purchased Red Tiger Gaming and NetEnt, two powerhouse slot game developers. That adds both slot games and Ezugi content to their library.

Slot games will continue to be made by Red Tiger and NetEnt, just under the Evolution Gaming Banner.


To sum up this mess, it is not true that Ezugi will begin to make slot games. Their business focus has and always will be live casino games.

However, their new parent company, Evolution Gaming, has just acquired two companies that will make slot games. In short, Ezugi do not make slot games but their parent company does.

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