Stop selling our lands to illegal miners – Donkro Nkwanta Citizens

Donkro Nkwanta Citizens
Donkro Nkwanta Citizens

The youth of Donkro Nkwanta in the Bono East Region have sent a strong warning to the queen mother of Nkoranza, Ohemaa Yaa Dudaa Kani, to stop selling their lands to the Chinese for galamsay.

This is not the first time Ohemaa Yaa Dudaa Kani has sold their land to foreigners for illegal mining purposes, they said. There is no better time than now to stop this unsustainable practices which could jeopardize the future of the young generation.

The youth indicated their unwillingness to support this practice since all illegal mining areas in Ghana cannot boast of any meaningful development. These areas are rather devastated, river bodies have lost their usefulness and agricultural lands have now been turned into illegal mining sites. The youth further said that they are losing their daily bread as cocoa and cashew farms they spent their resources on are all going down the drain. They fear their incomes and livelihoods is at stake due the reckless sale of lands to the Chinese.

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The youth is therefore calling on their queen mother to put a stop to this practices.

We want them to go back for their money and also pay us for destroying our cashew and cocoa because we are not going to allow them to operate here under no circumstance, they added.

We know His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo is doing whatever He could to put a stop to illegal mining in the country and you been a leader who is supposed to help him in this fight is rather encouraging foreigners to operate illegally.

They also alleged that these are some of the reason Ohemaa yaa Dudaa Kani is fighting for her son to be the Chief of Nkoronza so that she will put the law into her own hands and do whatever pleases her but thanks be to ours gods that it did not work.

We are pleading to the government, Nkoranza Traditional council to intervene because the way and manner the queen mother of nkoranza Ohemaa Yaa Dudaa Kani is going about the sale of lands will not end well for the sustainability of the environment and that of the future generations.