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Empowering schools in quality control, measurement and assessment: the use of Edu Q-Card

Savana Signatures in collaboration with the Ghana Education Service (GES) with Support from Edukans, an international Non-Governmental Organisation has rolled out a five-pillar quality assessment tool dubbed Edu Q-Card in the Volta Region.

Edu Q-Card will empower schools in quality control, measurement, and assessment.

The EDU Q-card is a tool that puts schools at the center of quality education through the assessment of education provided and pinpointing areas where quality can be improved.

The five pillars employed by the Edu Q-Card include; the learning environment, learner, teaching, parent, and community, and school management. These five pillars with reference to the program, play key roles in empowering schools in quality control, measurement, and assessment.

Thirty (30) schools are piloted for the program and the results are computed in a system that outlines the findings according to each pillar. These findings include the unique challenges, and action points are indicated for possible resolution based on survey validation meetings.

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The lead officer for the program, Raphael McClure Adomey said, EDU Q-card provides comprehensive and effective responses on the five pillars that improve education outcomes.

“The EDU Q-card is a very good innovation within our system because it helps with the supervision of the teacher, the school administration, the pupil, the parents, and the entire community. It’s very important to use this system.

“The tool allows Self-assessment and external assessment. The assessors have the opportunity to look at disparities and address them before the final report is generated. This makes this tool unique and responsive.

“Each school has its distinctive need, however, several interventions are often designed to address the shared challenges of schools but not the primary needs of each school. This is as a result of lack of research into the five pillars of each school in finding out the primary needs and the appropriate interventions of addressing such needs,” he said.

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Mr. Adomey said the program will strengthen the provision of quality education, improve academic outcomes and serve as a research finding for subsequent interventions that seek to address the challenges in our schools.

He called for maximum cooperation from stakeholders to ensure the success of the program and equally welcome development agencies who need accurate and reliable data to aid them to design appropriate interventions for schools in the Volta Region.