Preparation Of Cassava Leaf: A Popular Liberian Dish

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Last week Entertainment & Tourism gave detailed and insightful appreciation of the importance of Palm Butter consumption and how the Liberian cum West African sumptuous, palatable and widely eaten meal is prepared.

Today, we turn our cuisine microscope to yet another Liberian delicious soup, Cassava Leaf, a dish favorable among the Vai ethnic group of Liberia and other tribes in Guinea and Sierra Leone. Of course, from Eastern Liberia to Western Liberia and Northern to Southern Liberia, Cassava Leaf is widely eaten.

As Liberia gets set for the hosting of the West Africa Food Festival slated for some time this year, Tom Thomas of our staff now drills you through what it takes to prepare the palatable Liberian dish ahead of the food festival. Is your mouth becoming watery? Just hold on till you are through reading Mr. Thomas piece. Read on:

Hey good looking people, hope you are all doing great. Today, I’m back again this time to show you guys how to cook Cassava Leaf for eating. One useful way of preparing the sauce is to mix the cassava leaf with okra and beef liquid, bring the Okra and Cassava Leaf and Okra to boil and cook for about 30 minutes for little well pounded leaf or60 minutes for big tougher leaf until the cassava leaf are well cooked.

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You might need to add a little bit more of water when cooking. There are few steps involve in preparing the sauce: Below is one step.

In a cooking pot, add the meat, fish, salt, seasoning and water. Then bring it to boil for about 10 minutes until the fish is cooked. When the fish is well cooked, remove it from the pot. Let it cool down and remove the bones from the fish and set aside. Make your cassava leaf. Add cassava leaf to the pot with the remaining water. It’s important to note that cassava leave should never be eaten raw.

The roots, peels, and leaves contain cyanogenic glucosides that are toxic.

Get your hands on some cassava leaves and treat yourself to West African comfort food at its finest.

Although you’ve probably seen more meals that use the cassava root, you can eat the leaves as long as you grind them and cook them thoroughly. Simmering the leaves makes a thick stew, which is sometimes called cassava or soup. Many African countries put their own take on stewing the grassy leaves, so try your hand at a basic version and customize it by swapping out meat, adding dried fish, or using your favorite seasonings Cassava leaf is so vital to Liberia and also to other nations in the world. It serves those that consume it in so many areas in their life.

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Additionally, Cassava Leaf can be mélange with other soup kinds to make yet a palatable food derivative. For example, Palm butter can be mixed with cassava leaf whilst cassava leaf can be mixed with ground nut paste and red oil plus dried or fresh fish, meat, snail and pig feet. You may add chicken or chicken feet if you like.

Moreover, Cassava Leaf can be mixed with Fever Leaf and all of the above stated ingredients and more diverse animal or fish species can be added to generate a sumptuous meal. Don’t worry; you palm oil or vegetable oil to prepare the cassava leaf sauce. Now, when you ask the folks from Grand Cape Mount County, you bet, they will give you an in-depth understanding of just how many other ways Cassava Leaf can be prepared and what it actually does for the human body. Look out for more before the food festival hits Liberia.