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Ellen Pompeo defends herself from Grey’s Anatomy fan angry about spoilers

Ellen Pompeo has clapped back at a Grey’s Anatomy fan who complained about her spoiling the show.

Pompeo has been posting behind-the-scenes photos on her Instagram page, which has been giving away some big character returns in episodes shortly after they’ve been broadcast.

“Meredith Grey can f*** off with her spoiler posts,” the fan wrote. “Like give us at least 24 f***ing hours! Ughhhhhh yeah @EllenPompeo I’m big mad lol.”

Taking the message in her stride, and showing she’s a good sport, Pompeo replied: “Cmon bruh …Meredith Grey has been through a lot. And just an FYI name is Ellen Pompeo and run her Insta so that’s on me.”

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*Spoilers follow – you have been warned*

Over the season, which is the long-running medical drama’s 17th, Pompeo’s character has been encountering old faces from the show in dream sequences while recovering from Covid-19.

These include Patrick Dempsey’s Dr Derek Shepherd and, most recently Dr Mark Sloan, who was played by Eric Dane.