Police release body of Kasoa ritual murder to family for burial

The 11-year-old Ishmael who was allegedly killed and buried by his two friends at Lamptey Mills in Kasoa has been released to the family for burial.

The family has been demanding for the body to be released to them to be buried according to the customs and traditions of Islam.

But the release of the body delayed because authorities were carrying a post-mortem on the body.

The burial ceremony will take place today and neighbours, friends and family members have already gathered at the family house awaiting the burial to take place.

It would be recalled that the Kasoa police arrested two teenagers, Felix Nyarko and Nicholas Kini for allegedly killing their friend for money rituals.

According to the police, the body was buried and planned to be exhumed in midnight for the rituals.

They were quickly arraigned before the court on April 6th and will reappear in court on 6th April, 2021.

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