5 Reasons to Adopt an Older Cat

Many people often choose to welcome a kitten or younger cat into the family. Yet, they might underestimate the level of attention and care they will need.

If you want to welcome a feline that isn’t demanding, you shouldn’t rule out welcoming a senior cat into the family.

If you’re unsure whether it’s the right decision, check out these five reasons to adopt an older cat.

  1. A Calmer Temperament

While a kitten might be small in size, it can cause considerable damage to your property.

As they will be full of energy, they will likely attack your clothing, shoes, and furniture each day.

However, an older cat will likely have a calmer temperament, and they won’t have the energy or desire to tear at your belongings.

  1. Litter Box Trained

Unlike kittens, older cats are often litter box trained, as they may have come from one or more previous homes.

Therefore, they are more likely to use the bathroom in the correct spot without any issues.

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If you welcome a kitten into your home, you’ll need to teach them to use a litter box, and you may struggle with many accidents in the meantime.

  1. No Surprises

As kittens and young cats will have developing personalities and temperaments, you might not know the type of cat you’re welcoming into your family.

However, older cats are often much easier to predict, as they’ll have fully formed personalities.

You’ll know the type of pet you’re adopting, and there will be no surprises once you bring them home.

  1. A Life-Saving Adopting

Many older cats will not have a second chance at a new life. By adopting a senior feline, you’ll give them an opportunity to enjoy much love, care, and attention during their golden years.

Plus, caring for a senior cat doesn’t need to be expensive, as you can receive affordable, convenient veterinary care from

  1. An Independent Personality

Most kittens will require 24-hour care and attention from an owner. Yet, your job and personal life could stop you from providing a cat with the love and support they need to flourish.

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If you would like to introduce a laidback, independent pet into your home, a senior cat is a great choice.

As they are often fully trained and have a calm demeanor, they won’t demand your time and attention.

They can sleep and occupy themselves while you go to work, socialize with friends, or visit a loved one, and they’ll provide a friendly welcome once you return home.


An older cat can provide an owner with many benefits, from a calm, predictable personality to fewer accidents in the home.

Thanks to an older cat’s laidback, independent, and undemanding personality, they could perfectly blend in with your family or lifestyle.

However, they might have different needs compared to kittens and younger felines.

For example, they may require various litter trays across the home, low-level sleeping spaces due to reduced muscle tone, and senior cat food to meet their nutritional needs.