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Accra: Over 40 houses demolished near Weija Dam

More than 40 houses and structures at Green Belt site, close to the Weija Dam, have been pulled down by the Ga South Municipal Authority (GSMA).

The demolition followed several warnings by the Municipal Authorities against such illegal structures to protect the Dam.

GSMA Engineer, Felix Ofosu Teye, said the Dam served close to thousands of people in the Greater Accra Region and that allowing structures and settlements around the water source was dangerous.

He said the Assembly had cautioned the property owners since 2015 and 2018 and that they could not be allowed to continue to pollute the water.

“Moving around the structures we also noticed that some of them have connected their sewage system close to the water, which is very dangerous,” Mr Teye said.

Some had been summoned, especially those with their sewage connected to the water body, he said.


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