Nuclear Energy Production Can Miraculously Solve Ghana’s Energy Crisis- Expert

Following the disaster that rocked Fukushima nuclear power plant in 2011, there is always some form of fear when talk of nuclear energy production pops up.

But looking at the rate at which Ghana’s economy is failing as a result of unreliable power supply, a nuclear expert has advised that the time is now for the nation to rely on nuclear energy for power production.

Dr. Robert B.M. Sogbadji in an interview with Peace FM stated that there were several benefits Ghana stands to gain if his advice is yielded to.

According to him, undertaking such a project could improve our medical department where nuclear power is needed most to treat patients with cancer. Aside this, Dr. Sogbadji added that the agriculture sector could also use the energy derived from nuclear production to flush out farm animals that fed on their farm produce.

“The nation also stands to benefit in terms of creating jobs for those who are unemployed. In Canada, the nuclear sector provides close to 40,000 direct jobs to the unemployed”, he said.

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He further pointed out that aside Akomsobo being the only source of base load for the country; it would be prudent to use the nuclear as an alternative base load.

“If you take a careful look at countries that have made strides in terms of productivity, you would realize that they have all constructed nuclear power plants…In Africa, it is only South Africa that depend on nuclear power for energy production. And we can all testify that they are an economic giant due to their stable electrical supply”, he explained.