Marketing trends that are going to dominate in 2021

We will review the latest marketing trends that are going to stay with us for a minimum this decade. You should take control of these trends and be ahead of the competition. 

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is already being used for displaying ads, targeting, customer segmentation, chat bots, and content creation.

Have you noticed how our homes began to turn into smart homes? Google Home and others simplify our life. They remind of a chicken put in the oven, of a meeting with a friend, turn on music, control lighting and appliances in the house, entertain us with YouTube videos, tell the news and much more. 

In 2012, artificial intelligence will progress even more, due to which the quality of customer service will be improved. And it will be used more often to achieve more personalization.


Chatbots are in trend, because already more than half of customers want to be able to communicate with business 24/7. But you need to take into account the specifics of the business before developing a chat bot.

For example, for a business or a specific product, where the emotional component is important, a chatbot can harm, because in this case it will be more convenient for the client to communicate with the person. But for product categories where the client needs to find out only some dry data, a chatbot will be an excellent solution. It will help offload technical support and increase the processing speed of data received from customer interaction.

It is also worth considering the age of the target audience. Most older people (45+) perceive a bot call (for example, to conduct a survey) as disrespectful from the company.

Latest studies predict that chatbots will save more than $8 billion a year in 2 years. And everyone is waiting for the exponential growth of this market again by 2023.

AR and VR:

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Augmented and virtual reality must be immediately separated.

AR (augmented reality) has become more popular during the pandemic (many brands have implemented virtual fitting services), but still the technology is not very good. There are not many successful applications out there.

VR (virtual reality) is a very niche story. Apps are mostly limited to games or other niche scenarios. First of all, in the field of entertainment.

But there are some cool examples of VR in marketing. For example, to collect pre-orders for the luxury car Volvo XC 90, the company organized a virtual test drive. And it was a successful case. The first batch was sold out in 2 days, and the test drive video itself gained 4 million views.

Or, for example, a virtual tour that immersed consumers in the process of creating OREO cookies. The video was watched by 3 million people.

AR and VR are just entering the marketing world and the space for development is still huge.

Search visualization:

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It is convenient for users to take a photo of the product, upload it to the search, go to the store’s website with this product and place an order immediately. This shortens the search time, and nowadays it is oh, how important. The frequency of image searches is also increasing. People use pictures to look for inspiration, ideas, get answers to questions.