Chicago’s J.O. Speeds Into The Night On “Grand Theft Auto 7”

The Grand Theft Auto franchise is one of the most notorious video games of all time. At first it was berated for its lewd and violent content, but has since been applauded for its longevity, strength of story line and unmatched gameplay. It has also entered the lexicon of pop-culture, referred to constantly as a fantasy land where fake tough guys can be fake tough from the comfort of their couch. Chicago’s J.O. is so ahead of the game, he’s already on Grand Theft Auto 7 and 6 is yet to be released. However, J.O. is not playing any games on this new track featuring DJ Ryck Da Rule.

The visual shows J.O. and his crew speeding off into the night as if they had five stars and were in the middle of a territory war. Stay tuned for more tracks by big J.O. as he continues to bring a new flavor to Chicago’s surging music scene.

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Chicago Born Native J.O. had a rough start to life before he even began to walk and it continued by J.O. getting locked up at the age of 19 for 6 years. Freshly released in mid October 2020. J.O. dropped his First Day Out record called “Welcome Me Home” since then He released 3 more singles all with visuals off his unreleased project “A Gift From God”. Also J.O. started a record label called La Familia Allstars Entertainment LLC with merchandising since his release from prison. J.O.creates real raw material in his music that can’t be copied because it’s all based on his life. Every word is J.O. reality from the rough upbringing to the streets from the cells, and to the good times and bad times he experiences also the love of his Culture and newly found Spiritual Freedom. an artist to lookout for with his unique also diverse flows and sound he brings to the culture

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