Biodun Abudu’s new book “Tea, Tips & Tricks” helps navigate through adulthood to save time, same money and save energy

Biodun Abudu’s book gives information on how to make extra money, gives cleaning tips, mentions safe sex tips, spills the tea (gossip), speaks on things we often forget and more.

“This is a book that shares knowledge that I have acquired through my journey. For the tea (tea means juicy gossip) portion its usually verified tea that was delivered to my door step.”

The world is confusing enough, but when we can find ways to make it less complicated. This books is an easy and down to earth book that can help life easier, giving more time for you to enjoy your life.

Abudu’s new book, Tea, Tips & Tricks, is now available on

Biodun Abudu, also a visual artist and boutique owner, is known for his previous books titled “Open Letters From Within”, “Tales of My Skin”, “Stolen Sanity” and “Forbidden Scriptures”. When he is not writing he is creating bold art pieces and managing his online boutique.

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Author Biodun Abudu plans to do a virtual book release on Instagram & Facebook at 2pm EST and on Zoom 12pm EST on Saturday April 24th 2021.

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