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Apply Traditional System To Swear In MPs, Gov’t Appointees – Great Seer Mills

Great Seer Prince Mills
Great Seer Prince Mills

Founder and leader of the Mystic of Open Eye Church on the Kumasi – Obuasi road in the Ashanti region, Great Seer Prince Mills has stated that Ghana is widely known  as a Christian  country, and as such, the citizens are expected to lead a righteous life worth of emulation, when it comes to the issue of corruption and other  anti-social vices, Ghanaians cannot be singled out.

Speaking to the media in Kumasi to express concern over the degree of anti-social vices that are of late, gaining roots to create fear and panic in the society, Seer Mills indicated that he differs in opinion, the claims that the country follows the footsteps of Christ or Prophet Mohammed who are known righteous Messengers from God.

According to the man of God, it is high time people would see Christians and Moslems every Sundays and Fridays in churches and mosques in their numbers worshipping under the guise of the Bibles and Quorans, but these same people go contrary to their beliefs and commit crimes to collapse the economy.

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He indicated that these people always use the Bibles and Quorans to perform ordinances, apparently to just create the impressions that they are God or Allah fearing citizens whilst in true terms they are fake based on their lifestyles.

Seer Mills never spared the rod, when he allegedly posited that the politicians and government appointees who use the Bibles and Quorans to swear to attain high offices are worst offenders who hide under the Holy scriptures to destroy the country, knowing very well in their hearts that they don’t fear God, or perhaps, believe it takes God several days or years before He revenges a sinful soul.

The clergy pointed out that it is for this j reasons that the fear  of God is no more  in people, hence he is passionately, but strongly appealing to the government to cancel the ordinances where Bibles and Quorans are used to swear in politicians and other government appointees and instead, replace them with traditional customs which demands  strong rituals, backed by  traditional powers of gods,  auguring that if the system is introduced would help reverse the country into her past glory, because Ghanaians today fear  gods of the land, more than the creator of the universe, concluding that for the fact people  will criticize and brand him with names, they should first probe the conducts and evil practices that are completely over taking the destiny of the country.