Surprise your friend on their birthday with these four great gift ideas

Your friend’s birthday provides the ideal opportunity for you to show them just how much they mean to you. What better way to show your appreciation than surprising them with a thoughtful gift? However, choosing the perfect surprise gift can be difficult and present some problems; you want something that is personal and represents the fun times you have enjoyed together, but that they will also enjoy and find useful. Here are four great gift ideas with which you can surprise your friend on their birthday.


  1. Personalized birthday cake

Surprising your friend with a personalized birthday cake is a great way to mark their special day. If you are a skilled home baker, making the cake yourself will be even more special for your friend. Choose your friend’s favorite cake flavor, such as red velvet or a classic chocolate cake. You could add meaningful decoration, for instance having a fondant replica of a lipstick if your friend is passionate about makeup, or a hand-piped message. Just make sure that there is room for birthday candles!

  1. Gift basket
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A gift basket is one of the best gift ideas that is suitable for any occasion to demonstrate just how much the recipient means to you. Consisting of an assortment of fun gifts, they can be personalized to reflect the personality of your friend so that you can be sure that they will love every single item. When finding the best gift baskets for your friend, there are various themes that you can choose from. For instance, a farmer’s market gift box is ideal if your friend is a foodie, or a spa basket will bring all the relaxation of a day at the spa directly to their own home.


  1. Bouquet of flowers

A bouquet of flowers is sure to be a lovely surprise for your friend to receive on their birthday and can add a stunning natural centerpiece to their home. Choose a bouquet that features their favorite flowers, whether they love roses, carnations or wisteria, or perhaps find one that has been specially created for birthday celebrations. Flowers are also a great option if you do not live close to your friend: an international flower delivery service will forward your order to local florists to fulfil, so that your friend will thoughtfully know that you are thinking of them even though you live apart.

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  1. Bottle of fizz

Special occasions like birthdays are traditionally celebrated by a toast with a glass of champagne; as such, you could consider presenting your beloved friend with a bottle of fizz. However, champagne can be expensive and not everyone enjoys its taste. Prosecco makes a great alternative as it is still a sparkling celebratory wine, but it has a lighter taste than champagne and is usually cheaper. You can even get prosecco toppers in a variety of flavors, such as salted caramel and strawberry, to make your own sparkling cocktail.