3 Essential Tips for Boosting your Instagram Followers

Most Instagram users dream of having more followers. It looks good – and helps to increase the number of likes and comments they get on their posts.

The likelihood is that you’ve posted on Instagram before and found yourself super disappointed with the number of likes you got. Don’t worry; it’s not your fault – it happens to everyone (unless you’re Dwayne Johnson or Kylie Jenner, that is).

Do you want the good news, though? It’s easier than you think to boost your Instagram followers. Yes, that’s right – your dream number of followers, be it 10,000 or 100,000, can quickly become a reality. You just need to follow these essential tips to get you started on the journey.

  1. Firstly… here’s a secret tip that not many Instagram users know about

This might be the easiest and fastest way to get Instagram followers – and you can do it right now.

Open Instagram, preferably on your iPhone or Android (although this does work on desktop, too). Then, search for the official account of Instagram (@instagram). Once you’ve found it, click follow. Wait a couple of seconds, then unfollow. Repeat this process for around 5 minutes – basically, it’s spam following and unfollowing Instagram’s official account. You’ll notice after 1 minute that you are suddenly getting notifications that new users are following you – for some reason, it works. The longer you spam the follow and unfollow button, the more followers you will gain. So, if you do this for an hour, you’ll earn 100-200 followers on a good day – possibly even more. Pretty cool, right?

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Make sure you post interesting content to keep your new followers engaged. This could be footage of you playing slots at a casino. In fact, online casinos are huge right now, as people all around the world play for jackpots. Visit www.spincasino.comto get started! Also, you could post well-edited (or even unedited) photos from a recent holiday for your followers to see.

  1. Engage with the latest trends (and increase your chance of going viral)

Instagram trends are always changing – so it’s important that you stay up-to-date with what’s going on. This way, you can engage with the trends and boost your followers naturally as users become aware of your profile. You need to think as a Kardashian would.

For example, right now, one of the big trends on Instagram is ‘Instagram Live’, which is where you do a live stream for your followers (and the public – if you allow that option). People love to watch other user’s live broadcasts, as they are entertaining, engaging, and a great way to spend your time. So, try and go live a couple of times a week – it will boost your current follower’s engagement and make you more likely to gain new ones.

  1. Be consistent with your personality and aesthetic
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One of the keys to gaining new followers on Instagram is consistency. People want to be certain about your personality and what they can gain from following you – is it humorous posts, professional photography, life, and advice posts? Make your personality immediately clear when people visit your feed – and remember to keep your aesthetic nice and consistent, too. A great way to do this is by sticking to a color scheme throughout your feed.