I wanted to go back to America and continue with my school – Mona Gucci shares her reason for joining Media General

Media personality Mona Gucci has revealed that although she was tired and at the point of leaving Ghana, she joined Media General to make impact through her shows.

Speaking on her decision to join Media General, she said it’s a brand she has known and followed for a while and is there to leave memorable legacy.

“I got tired and wanted to go back to America and continue with my school, life and other things because I was tired in Ghana.

Media General called and I said let give it a try and see because TV3 has been there for like 20 years and over and I like TV3, I remember back in the days when they were doing the Music Music, I will always come sit here dancing and all that so I decided to give it a try and see,” she said.

She added,”I am a force to reckon with, I am somebody that I always make an indelible mark wherever I go, and I just felt like let me do my thing here at Media General before I leave so that is what I’m about doing.”

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Mona Gucci joined Media General’s Onua TV and will be soon rolling out a showbiz program called ‘Biribi gye gye wo’ soon, which she said is a new revolution that many will like.

Mona Gucci signs presenter agreement with Media General