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Keta: Jubilee Radio donate to Mothers on Mother’s Day

Keta: Jubilee Radio donate to Mothers on Mother's Day

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Keta based Jubilee radio in the Keta Municipality of Volta region has donated some items to the Keta Municipal hospital to help cater for pregnant and nursing mothers.

This was done on Monday, May 10 to mark this year’s Mother’s Day celebration.

The items worth thousand of Ghana cedis includes detol, meltilated spirit, Cusson baby soap, washing powder, Pads, baby diapers, toilet rolls, soaps, among other valuables.

Mr Michael Pepsin Avorgah, the community drive show host who championed the donation disclosed to ModernGhana News that people in the Keta Municipality and beyond donated some items whilst others sent money to support the program.

According to him, he initiated the program on his show which many have bought the idea to support mothers especially on Mother’s Day.

He said well wishers and philanthropists have supported the program through various ways just to make sure the day was a memorable one.

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Mr Avorgah mentioned that, the presentation was supposed to be done on Mother’s Day but realised staff and other workers might not be at post, hence their resolve to do it on Monday.

Madam Lydia Teikuor Akorta, the in charge nurse at the hospital who received the items on behalf of facility expressed her gratitude to jubilee radio team for their support.

She also appealed to individuals and cooperate organizations to emulate same to support pregnant women.

Madam Akorta also explained that, the items will help solve the problem of pregnant mothers reporting at the wards without the required items for delivery.

She urge parents to be more vigilant on their children especially the female ones to avoid teenage pregnancy that resulted in most girls dropping out of school.

She also advised female children to abstain from premarital sex and focus on their education.

Madam Victoria Dovlo, a beneficiary mother also thanked Mr Avorgah and his team for their kind gesture and pledged to use the items well.

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She stated that, the items will help boost their spirit during delivery.

Madam Dovlo also appealed to all especially philanthropists to help the needy mothers to them and their babies safe.

Other Jubilee radio staff present at the occasion were Evans Worlanyo Ameamu, Samuel Dovlo, Selasi Innocent Damien, Prislla Woedem Kuwonu, Shine Nutefe Attipoe as well as other staffs of the hospital.

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