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Canada US heatwave – live: Deadly wildfires destroy British Columbia town where temperatures soared near 50C

Satellite video of ‘firestorm’ over Canada cause 700,000 lightning strikes in one night

A town in British Columbia which experienced record-high temperatures earlier this week has been largely destroyed by wildfire, with at least two deaths reported.

Lytton endured highs of 49.6 C on Tuesday, the day before its 1,000 residents were forced to flee their homes as flames engulfed their settlement.

A couple in their 60s who took cover from the fire died after a power pole collapsed and fell onto them, according to the Vancouver Sun.

By Thursday afternoon, most homes and buildings in Lytton were ruined, said Mike Farnworth, British Columbia’s safety minister.

Meanwhile, the authorities are trying to locate some of the evacuees, as not all of them are accounted for.

Lilliane Graie, a Lytton city council member, told Reuters: “Our people are scattered north and south and we are trying to establish who is where.”

The British Columbia Wildfire Service said the Lytton wildfire was burning out of control over an area of approximately 30 square miles.

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Wildfires have started across western Canada and the US due to a heatwave, which is believed to have killed hundreds of people.


Wildfire destroys town in British Columbia

Temperatures in the British Columbia town of Lytton soared to a Canadian record of 49.6C on Tuesday.

One day later, the town had to be evacuated after a wildfire reached it.

The flames subsequently destroyed most of Lytton’s homes and buildings, according to Mike Farnworth, British Columbia’s safety minister.

John Haugen, a deputy chief with the Lytton First Nation, said the community had suffered tremendous “devastation and loss”.

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Good morning, and welcome to The Independent’s live coverage of the heatwave and wildfires in Canada and the US Northwest.

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