How To Plan A Post-COVID Party: Organizing Food And Drinks By Experts

After the advent of the pandemic in 2020, gatherings were put on hold, couples were forced to delay their marriages, and children were asked to celebrate their birthdays with their family members only.

These eighteen months were really hard for the people. However, today we are almost in the middle of 2021, and it seems like things have started moving slowly. After the government has lifted the complete restriction over the gatherings and events, people have started moving forward with their new life.

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Although most people have taken the first dose of the COVID vaccination and have allowed people to hold events like weddings and birthday parties, CDC has recommended avoiding larger gatherings.

With that said, we have come here to discuss the right methods to organize a party Post-COVID.

How To Plan A Post-COVID Party?

After removing restrictions from the government, people are allowed to hold gatherings and wedding events with a limited number of guests. Organizing a party is a daunting task as it is; putting restrictions on parties has made it even tougher.

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Here is how your party plan looks post-COVID.

1. Un-invite guests Without being Rude

Here is the awkward part of inviting guests post-COVID, planning a small gathering with a small number of guests means you have cut short the members from the invitation list. This might be the necessary step; some guests can feel heartbroken.

Prioritize your guests and decide who must absolutely be there. Inviting close family members is a great way to start building your new guest list. Create your list as early as possible because everything will be decided based on the members on the list.

2. Communicate With The Guest Beforehand About The Safety Protocols

Lack of communication can lead to unsuccessful events. Hence, communication with your guest beforehand regarding the safety protocol of your gathering sets the tone of the event. Reassure them all the COVID 19 safety guidelines are being followed and are being expected the same from them.

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Talking about the safety protocols might not set the best party vibes, but at least it will help ease the guest’s mind.

3. Have Your gathering Outside

Outside gatherings are safer and happen to be a lot of fun. After all, who doesn’t want to spend their time attending a wedding under the starry night table full of delicious foods and beverages?

In addition to that, organizing the event outside ensures more safety than inside the house. Inside the house, there is only a limited space to accommodate guests and maintain a safe distance from the others.

On the other hand, outdoor events are spacious and reduce the chances of guests coming in contact with others.

4. Provide Mask And Sanitisers

Mask and sanitizer have become one of the essential elements of your life during the pandemic. You must ensure that you have enough masks and sanitizers to distribute to your guests.

In fact, you can use this opportunity to make things a little bit exciting by offering stylish masks and fragranced sanitizers. And yes, do not forget about the hand wash soaps.

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5. Offer Yummy Catering

Once you have settled everything, the last thing you need to ensure your guest is delicious catering beverages. So when we are talking about gathering and wedding ceremonies, how come we forget Melvin Brewing beer and delicious snacks to go with.

A party is not successful based on how large or small it is, but how delicious foods are offered in the gatherings. You can set up a mini party beverage station to make your party more lively and memorable.

For The Invited

If you are one of the guests invited to a wedding event or gathering, you have full right not to attend the party. If you feel that the risk associated with the party is greater and you don’t feel confident about it, you can simply deny the invitation without any elaborate excuse.