Ghana’s BetterHealth Laboratories continues their Community Engagement and Customer Acquisition efforts by offering Free Health Screening

This Ghana based health technology startup, BetterHealth Laboratories, seeks to build and operate a chain of Diagnostics Care centres via their Retail Diagnostics Model and 3rd Party Diagnostics Care Network. This past Saturday they invited all patients and the general public to their first of many Free Health Screenings at their flagship location in the East-Legon municipality of Accra- Ghana where they were tested and consulted on the results. The health screening saw participation from 100+ members of the community who were tested and counselled on malaria, diabetes, blood pressure and BMI.

Operationalized in 2020 and licensed a few months after, BetterHealth Laboratories seeks to address the surging demand for testing across Africa which has been met with an underwhelming response, resulting in a lack of well-equipped diagnostics centres. BetterHealth Labs is addressing this testing gap by building and operating Modern Diagnostics Centres, starting with its Flagship location which has been licensed by Ghana’s HeFRA and is now open to the public in Accra-Ghana.

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As BetterHealth seeks to build out its suite of imaging services at their flagship location, it has tapped former Bank of America Executive Todd G Holcombe as a board member and Senior Adviser for International Business and Expansion. ‘’ I was present at the health screening to check my vitals and be sure that I was in good health. The enthusiasm and immense positive reaction from the community really goes to validate the business model that the founding team is building. I look forward to supporting and advising them on this impactful journey’’ Todd says.

With well-grounded experience in the UK health space, Co-founder and COO Rachel Poku, a Healthtech Executive shared her excitement on the startup’s prospects and journey – ’’We are excited to work with our partners BIMA Ghana and Dixxons Groups (numerous 3rd party partnerships discussions are ongoing) as we seek to build and scale our diagnostics business across Ghana and the continent. We are committed to providing exceptional personalised care for our patients who trust us for all their preventative care needs. In the past few weeks, we have had very fruitful conversations with health facilities who are eager to have us operate and fully manage their in-house laboratories and we look forward to raising the right capital to finance these partnerships’’.

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BetterHealth Laboratories is currently raising a pre-seed/seed round to beef up its imaging services and offerings at its Flagship location in Accra. All inquiries should be directed to: