Tips for Making HR Processes in UAE Easier

The Human Resources (HR) department is among the busiest divisions of any organization. The work that HR specialists do regularly can become a complete nightmare for an entire business if not organized appropriately. An HR team has to find ways in simplifying the tedious routine tasks. In doing so, a business in UAE is assured of consistent results and an effective management of key HR processes in UAE.

Ways to simplify HR tasks in UAE

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Here are some tips on how your HR team can simplify the essential HR tasks day in and day out:

  • Transition to digital records

No one likes handling and maintaining paperwork. However, nearly all HR functions involve a deluge of handbooks and forms. Among the easiest changes that a business can make is going completely paperless.

Rather than heading towards the copy machines, make the staff e-sign forms, employee contracts, and non-disclosure agreements. Going paperless is not just better for our environment. It’ll also save your business from having to constantly handle, file, then store all crucial legal documents. It reduces errors and is more cost-effective. Additionally, you will be able to store your records easily and access them in the cloud.

Your employees are going to thank your organization from going paperless, too. This is because signing digitally means there is no longer a need for scanning documents in. They will also be able to access information about their employment, particularly their benefits, over the internet.

  • Come up with policies to shorten HR processes
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There’s nothing that’s more tedious than having to jump through several steps just to complete one simple task like having a cheque approved. Consider shortening steps involved with getting simple tasks done. It can be through minimizing number of reviews needed before securing approvals or reducing unnecessary communication and meetings.

  • Benefits enrollment

Without sufficient preparation, business can quickly realize benefits enrollment is an absolute nightmare. Existing employees and new hires bombard HR staff with enrollment questions – most of which the HR team may not know off-hand.

Take some burden off your HR team by utilizing modern enrollment technology. You can go completely paperless like we mentioned earlier and select a system which guides employees through an electronic signup. The benefits experts should then be available in answering questions like, “What plan is best for me?” In order to save more time, make sure your benefits system is integrated with payroll.

  • Avoid manual calculations

It is not a secret that payroll processing done manually or by hand is extremely tedious and time-consuming. Also, manual calculations for payroll processing in UAE can leave room for costly payroll errors.

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In order to speed up the payroll process, leave the manual calculations behind and buy software or acquire a payroll outsourcing service in Dubai, UAE. Think about this: do you spend hundreds of hours each month in calculating payroll manually? How much manpower, time and energy are spent on fulfilling the payroll obligations of the business?

Payroll outsourcing services in Dubai, UAE can drastically reduce or even completely eliminate the time that you spend in running payroll every single pay period. An outsourced team of HR specialists in UAE can handle not only the calculations, but also your compliance obligations in UAE.

  • Organize the payroll records

Keep all of your payroll records organized and in tip-top shape. This is very important as the last thing you’d want for your business is to hunt for a document only to realize it’s not there. When records are kept organized, surprise audits conducted by the local regulatory authorities won’t be a stressful time for the business. But, you need to be willing in doing a bit of organization investing.

Organize records by acquiring a software for keeping documents. Digital storage solutions come with digital folders. You’ll have the ability in storing payroll and employee records on any electronic device or computer. Regardless of whether you choose paper storage or digital storage, organization is important from the get-go. This way, you eliminate the risks of losing or misplacing key employee and payroll information. You’ll have anything that you need as it’s within reach.

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Take note: in UAE, companies are to keep all payroll and employee-related records for a minimum of five years.

  • Embrace delegation

This one, in particular, applies to small businesses and startups in UAE. You need to know that it is important for you to share HR-related tasks. The act of delegating means you’ll have time in checking and monitoring progress of tasks that are being worked on and managed by several different employees or outsourced specialists.

Delegation, especially through acquiring an outsourced HR and payroll service in UAE, helps in developing and training the staff grow in each of their careers. Ultimately, you’ll see a quick decrease in your company’s employee turnover rate. Remember that trying to do everything or too much on your own isn’t only demoralizing, it’s also likely to result in poor results. This is because you are being overstretched. Talk to the payroll and HR experts of Payroll Middle East to know more!