8 ways to charge yourself in the morning

We all want to feel fresh, wide-awake, and energetic in the morning. However, there are few days when we don’t feel like this at all. We feel lethargic, which is common. It is because we lead such a fast-paced & busy life and hardly get any time to slow down & work on ourselves. Thus, it leads to disturbed sleep patterns, mental exhaustion, and physical fatigue. It leads to us waking up groggy or having less energy in the morning.

However, you don’t have to feel this way. There are few things that you can do to take care of yourself. They will help you feel better and also charge you in the morning.

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Here are a few things to charge yourself in the morning and ready to take on the day.

1. Have a bath

Taking a warm bath is relaxing, and it takes away pain that you may experience due to bad posture. Epsom salt is a wonderful thing to add to your warm bath. It will take away stress, inflammation due to stress, relieve any muscle pain, and make you feel better.

2.  Do a bit of stretching

It may seem challenging to do stretching when you feel so low, but it will recharge and rejuvenate you. Push yourself to get in your workout clothes and do a bit of stretching along with other exercises.

Stretching will open your body, and you will feel the muscles relaxing. Also, when you work out, the body produces happy hormones which will charge you & help you be productive.

3.    Drink a cup of coffee

Having a slow start in the morning? Then drink a cup of coffee. The caffeine in it will stimulate your brain, and you will feel alert. It will energize you, and you can complete your to-do list and be productive with it.

4.    Be grateful

Believe it or not, feeling charged & energetic in the morning is more about your mental health than your physical health. Therefore, to motivate yourself & keep your spirits high, start your day by writing at least three things you are grateful for.

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We tend to journalize about the negative feelings or emotions that we feel throughout the day. It is a great practice, but do this at night. In the morning, count your blessings as these little things can make a hell lot of difference.

5.      Drink a glass or two of water

Water can make you feel so much better. Sometimes drinking a glass or two of water can fill us up with tons of energy. Also, it hydrates you, which is better for your mind, body, and soul.

Also, try to drink at least one coconut water per day. It is organic, has zero calories, and refreshes you like nothing else.

6.      Take a cold shower

While a warm bath relaxes you and any pain that you feel. Taking a cold shower has a different effect on your body. When cold water touches your body, it dilutes your deeper tissue blood vessels. Thus, increasing your heart rate, circulation, and blood flow. It alerts your body, and it jolts wide-awake.

You can splash your face with cold water if you do not wish to take a cold shower and continue to take a warm bath instead.

7.    Write down goals for the day

When you unload mentally, you feel relaxed and full of energy. So, try to write the goals you have in mind for the particular day. Try to list everything, whether it is essential or minor. It will take the stress away, and you can start feeling better.

8.  Go for a walk or a jog

Being in nature is the best way to be happy, be serene, and recharge yourself. Thus, try to go for an early morning walk or go running. If not every day, do this on days when you feel haggard.

 All these tips are beneficial, and you should try them to improve the quality of your life. However, even after all this, if you feel lethargic in the mornings, do see a medical practitioner.

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