Bubbly Personality and the Grace of God- Wode Maya on how to become a successful YouTuber

Influential YouTuber, Berthold Winkler, popularly known as Wode Maya may have such an exciting personality that has drawn over 860,000 subscribers to him, however, he believes it’s not all about personality.

In an exclusive interview with Ameyaw Debrah, the popular YouTuber, shares his journey thus far, and hints that although people are attracted to YouTubers with a lot of bubbly personalities, he believes the God factor contributes to their success.

According to Wode Maya, he believes he has gotten to this stage because of the grace of God.

“Youtube works very well with personality because people want to see a bubbly person. But sometimes I also think it’s also by the grace of God. You are not the only person doing this, there are so many other people doing this, but why you? This is why I always want to stay humble. Let God increase, I don’t take credit for anything because sometimes things happen and I’m amazed,” he tells Ameyaw Debrah.

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Watch full interview below;

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