How to Use Buddha Statues for Contemporary Home Decor

If your home interior design epitomizes peace, harmony, and tranquility, the pleasant ambiance can deliver calmness to your mind and heart alike.

And Buddha statues are one of the figures that can help you achieve composure, making your home a haven to experience a peaceful state of mind. Top online stores, such as, feature a massive selection of handcrafted Buddha sculptures, which can indeed become the focal point of your living space.

Here’s how you can use your choice of Buddha statues for your contemporary home décor.

Keep It Bold and Chic

If you are into minimal and contemporary style, you can go for Buddha sculptures with larger dimensions. You may look for pieces that have clean lines and shiny surfaces for a modern aesthetic appeal.

Leading online retailers feature statues made from bronze and brass, in massive sizes, some even in the ranges of 100″ and 80”. Look for such options, as they can create magic, elevating the chic look of your home interiors.

Consider Adding a Buddha Statue as a Classic Element

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Having a few classic showpieces as part of your home décor can beautifully enhance the contemporary appeal that you wish to achieve. And a classical-looking marble Buddha statue is the best way to amalgamate modern with classic.

Reputed websites offer colored marble Buddha sculptures hand-carved by artisans from Asian countries. Look for colors, such as white and grey, which can naturally add warmth to your home interiors.

Choose A Fine Location to Keep the Buddha Statue

While you can have an Asian-style entryway or a modern hallway featuring dramatic Buddha sculptures, experts suggest never placing them directly on the ground. So, you may look for pieces that you can keep on a pedestal, which can offer a minimalistic look, the base for any contemporary home décor.

Leading online outlets feature Buddha statues, starting from dimensions as small as 4 inches. See if you can find sculptures in small sizes, which can easily fit in your living space at your desired location while you place them on a raised platform.

Find the Best Suitable Material

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Typically, the compass directions east and west associate with wood and metal, respectively. And it is materials like these that can truly bring out the modern look in any living space.

Specialists ensure that their fine selection of Buddha sculptures is available in materials, such as brass, bronze, wood, stone, and marble. Considering the rest of your home décor elements, check if you can find options that complement the contemporary aspect.

Pick the Right Buddha Statue Style

When you incorporate home décor elements from Asian countries, they can drastically elevate the chic aesthetic appeal of your living space.

Renowned professionals select unique Buddha statues directly from the local artisans famous in these parts of the world. Look for options, such as Thai, Tibetan, and Indian Buddha sculptures. They can seamlessly break through your western style home décor and offer a great twist to your contemporary interior design.

Create a Zen Garden

If you own a property with a lush garden, having a Meditating Buddha statue can add a peaceful Zen element to your green stretch. You may place it atop a waterfall with plants all around, the perfect spot for daily meditation. 

Top consultants provide elegant Buddha statues that you can place in your garden for the contemporary appeal to flow from your outdoor settings into your home interiors. Confirm if they carve custom garden sculptures to your specifications in terms of size and material.

Consult A Reputed Expert

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If you have chic home décor and wish to step it up to new levels with your artsy vibes, find an online retailer and discuss your options to purchase high-quality Buddha statues. While you will have a modern home, the sculpture will add a distinct character to your home that can indeed help you find your inner peace.