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Disqualification of Nigerian Olympics Athletes and call for the Suspension of members of the NOC

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This Tokyo Olympics may end up as the worst Olympics in the history of Olympics for Nigeria

It started with the inability of the Nigerian Olympics Committee to secure kits donated to the Male Basketball Team. They started blame games accusing the Nigerian Customs Service for not releasing them and citing Customs Duties. Very Shameful

Then the incompetent fellows in the NOC could not secure competition kits on time for most of the athletes going to the Games. Many Nigerian athletes arrived Tokyo without a kit

Just few hours ago, 10 Nigerian Athletes who are already in Japan for the games have been disqualified from competing at the Games, because of the corruption in our NOC, gross incompetence, and utter disregard for these Athletes representing Nigeria. Simply because our NOC Officials were busy pursuing NIKE to collect bribes at the expense of the Athletes and neglecting their responsibilities to these our children representing us in far away Japan.

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This is a TRAGEDY .
This is WICKEDNESS and these NOC Officials cannot be FORGIVEN

I call on the Minister of Sports to FIRE all the members of the Nigerian Olympics Committee and dissolve the Committee with immediate effect pending investigations on this monumental National disgrace

I call on the National Assembly to invite the Minister of Sports to explain to Nigerians what really happened in Japan and why the Minister himself should not resign

I call on the ICPC to initiate necessary legal actions immediately against these corrupt officials that have tainted the little reputation we have left before the international community

I call on the Human Rights Commission and the Legal Aids to please assist these Athletes to fight for Justice for themselves and all those affected directly or indirectly by this act of wickedness and incompetence

If we continue to teach our children about tolerance and intolerance instead of good and evil we will end up with the TOLERANCE OF EVIL and raising a Nation of thugs who will always believe they could get away with Evil

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This should serve as a lesson to every Public holder in Nigeria that takes accountability for granted

Enough is Enough

Pharm Ike Chinedu
29th July, 2021
Stockholm, Sweden