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Global Citizen has announced its third annual Global Citizen Fellowship Program powered by BeyGOOD, welcoming the first enrollment of ten Nigerian fellows. The young people will be joining five fellows from South Africa, on a dynamic yearlong, full-time, paid learning program.

“This is year three of the program and so the plan for us was to extend it into other markets. For the past two years we’ve been in South Africa only but now that we’ve extended to Nigeria, the greatest thing about it is just the diversity and the energy of 15 young fellows from different areas.  What we made sure to do was not just focus on Lagos in Nigeria, we’ve gone into other states and have really gotten to have a collaborative opportunity of these South African fellows together with these Nigerian fellows coming together and working around our mission and vision, ” comments Didi Morake, Manager of the Global Citizen Fellowship Program

WATCH Interview with Didi Morake, Manager of the Global Citizen Fellowship Program

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Didi Morake also added that in year four, the program would open to another country or market.  “I hope so, we are currently underway with plans for year four so we haven’t decided in terms of which market we would enter. But who knows, Ghana can be on the cards”

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The Global Citizen Fellowship, supported by Beyoncé’s BeyGOOD philanthropic initiative and US actor and filmmaker, Tyler Perry, works with young aspiring Africans, taking them through a multi-phase curriculum, specifically designed to equip and empower them with the skills and tools they need to thrive – not just during their time with Global Citizen but also in any future professional environment.

According to Didi Morake, although the program has chalked some exciting achievements in its short span, COVID-19 has challenged its activities in many ways. “The challenge has been COVID because of the fact that we are a young organization and so we are youth-led. We love the interactiveness that we do when we do our work and so having to conduct the program virtually has been quite challenging for us but we’ve been very resilient and the fellows that have been part of the last year as well as this year have been patient with that.”

She continues, “On our highlights, we’ve had the privilege of working quite closely with our key stakeholders and partners within Global citizens from a mentorship perspective as well as them constructing and putting together masterclasses and workshops that we know are essential to these young people’s development.

We’ve had the likes of Cisco, Google and we’ve also had interactive with some of our key advocates as part of the program activity.”

Based in Lagos and Johannesburg, the young people will engage in a year-long, full-time, paid fellowship focusing on Global Citizen’s four pillars of activity: creative, campaigns, rewards, and marketing, and will work towards achieving Global Citizen’s Recovery Plan For The World.

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During the course of the year, the fellows will learn how to use digital technology for social change, storytelling tactics that shift attitudes, and the process of building lasting professional relationships. The Program also aims to foster an in-depth understanding of the role that innovation plays in an ever-changing digital world.

“In terms of the fellows, they are young, energetic, wanting to change the world type of people who are passionate about specific issues. When they apply for the fellowship program, the questions we ask them is firstly, how do identify as a Bey Good fellow? What are the social issues you are willing tackle? We have young people who passionate about ending extreme poverty, we also have those who are common activists and game-changers in their communities who want to do work, learn and provide those learnings into their communities and respective homes,” Didi Morake believes.

The Program features a four-phase learner-centered curriculum designed to equip the fellows with a variety of practical, useful and pragmatic skills, such as: problem solving, critical thinking, how to build community, professional and personal development, advocacy, international development, and global citizenship.

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