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Moving into a new home, office or apartment can be exciting. It represents a new adventure, a change and a new beginning. But often, we find it difficult to do away with the old way of living and existing in our spaces.

I often fight with my mother about being a hugger; she simply doesn’t know what to throw away and hoards a lot of her most loved items, and well not so valuable things too. Even I too have a bit of that issue no matter how hard I try to hide it. My wife however does better getting rid of what she doesn’t need without too much attachment to old stuff.

But what to throw out when you’re moving depends on a number of things including where you are going to, and how much of the things from the old place you can fit in there. Also when you are moving out you will also need to consider what the old place would be used for, who is coming in among other things.

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When you moving into a chic place like those at Whistler Homes for Sale, it is good to look at the issue of ‘What to Throw Out Before Moving’ in broad themes such as old and used items, item that you have too much of, items you don’t ever remember you had

You need to be honest with yourself. We all have stuff that stopped being useful. So when moving, you have to reassess your belongings and nix the things that are actually trash. These include clothes that don’t fit; shoes you wore once and then hid somewhere; outdated gadgets such as old phones, DVD or VHS player; wall pin-ups you from college; expired food, medications, and makeup; stray cords and cables; non-essential paperwork, letters and other mails; worn out sheet, towels and shower curtains. Others include tax returns, old bills and receipts

We all have something we keep buying in multiplicity either because we like them or we get them in variations. Moving is a great time to take stock of what you have. Sell, donate, or give away any excess that someone else can use. These include dishes, cookware, glasses and cups, spices you bought a decade ago, towels that don’t match or have discoloration, tools you’ve never used and may never use, extra vases, water bottles, pens, unused blankets, excess luggage and chargers and other miscellaneous electronics.

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When you find items you haven’t seen in years, or didn’t even know you still had, then it may be time to reevaluate your relationship with them. These include s books you’ve had for years and never read; old magazines, obsolete formats like VHS, cassette tapes, or CDs, electrical appliances and gadgets you don’t use; holiday decorations that stay in storage, toys or games that your kids have outgrown and don’t play with anymore. Others include unused serving dishes, baby gear, broken stuff, old greeting cards and clothes that don’t look good on you.

When it comes to decluttering, starting is the hardest part. Before you label boxes and fill storage containers, determine which items will have a purpose (and a place) in your new home. If you can’t decide whether something belongs in your “toss” or “keep” pile, ask yourself the following questions:

• Do I have enough room for this item in my new home?
• Where will it go?
• Have I used it in the past year?
• Do I have more than one?
• Is it difficult or expensive to move?
• Does it need to be repaired?

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