Mahama was not prepared for the Presidency – Alhaji Bature

General News of Saturday, 12 July 2014

Source: adomonline

Alhaji Bature New

The Managing Editor of Al- Hajj Newspaper, Alhaji Bature Iddrissu has asked Ghanaians to bear with President Mahama as he contends with the labyrinth of national challenges facing the country.

According to him, Mahama was not prepared for the higher office but only became “president by constitutional arrangement to finish with the unexpired term of the Mills administration.”

“He was not psyched up to take the mantle of leadership after the untimely demise of President Mills. President Mahama was being prepared and groomed rather for 2016” he added

The Mahama government has come under pressure over its management of the economy. International ratings agency Moody downgraded the economy.

The cedi has depreciated by 27 percent to major trading currencies from the beginning of the year and about 22 percent after the introduction of the new foreign exchange rules on February 4.

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A pressure group popularly know for a protest march to the Flagstaff House have petitioned the President with 20-point concerns.

But the degree of Ghana’s problem is in itself contentious. While government maintains it is facing challenges, the opposition insists it is a crisis.

Speaking on Adom Fm’s Morning Show, Alhaji Bature, an ardent sympathizer of the Mahama government said the President is in a dilemma.

According to him, while Mahama is keen on using his own men, he is also trying to ensure ministers in the late President Mills’ administration don’t voice discontentment over being sidelined.

Bature pointed out that the President has since faced the challenge of even properly selecting ministers to help him to steer the affairs of the country.

He said government is committed to solving the current economic challenges and many interventions put in place by the government look beyond 2016; noting that is the way the country should be governed in the long run.

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Alhaji Bature also admonished the government to bold and take hard decisions that would inure to the benefit of the country.

He therefore urged Ghanaians to pardon President Mahama of the challenges in the wake of the sudden thrust of him as the leader of the country at the time of the demise of President Mills.