"Tony, put up or shut up" – Referees Chief

Sports News of Monday, 18 August 2014


Tony Yeboah

The Referees Association of Ghana is on the neck of former goal poacher of the Black Stars, Tony Yeboah, for labeling them “corrupt officials”.

The vice chairman of the Referees Association of Ghana Mr. Joe Debrah has debunked accusations that the men at the centre of the pitch are corrupt.

Former Ghana international, Anthony Yeboah, alleged that he quit running a football club – Yegola FC – because the Knights of the Whistle are fraudulent.

The 48-year-old former Black Stars striker was the owner and bankroller of a second-tier side in Kumasi, but folded up due to the alleged incessant demands for bribe by referees.

“I am very shocked with Tony’s false allegations because this is the second time I’ve heard him spreading lies about referees in Ghana,” Joe Debrah said in a telephone interview.

“When his team was in the third-tier, he made such allegations after failing to qualify to the second-tier during the middle league playoffs, but seasons later, he qualified, and I wanted to ask him if this time too referees took bribe before his team gained promotion”, he added.

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“Who are those referees he has been talking about that come to him to lobby for a fair officiating? I will dare him to mention the names of these people or he should just shut up”.

“I believe he’s just not interested in investing his money in football anymore and nobody can force him to continue, but to soil referees’ names is very disgusting. If he wants the best for our football, he should not just keep those names to himself but rather publicly tell the world or the appropriate offices to deal with the culprits”, he concluded.

Referee Joe Debrah has, therefore, called on Tony Yeboah to do Ghanaians a favour by mentioning the names of the referees who demanded monies from him so that the association can fish them out and prosecute them, either than that, he should shut up.