Why Do Girls Cheat?

Hey guys. So I’ve been wondering lately after I came across an article that talked about boys and why they cheat, and it seriously got me thinking so I decided to write this down. I know some may see this provoking (not the guys anyways) and some will not, but just to be clear that you found this piece annoying, well, just get over it because it has already been said.

Everything became a man’s fault the very day he accepted that apple from Eve. Since then, it has always been about men.  We no longer acknowledge the fact that Eve ate the apple before Adam, and Adam accepted the apple not because he wanted to disobey God, but because of the love he had for his baby girl Eve.  Well, men have been giving the dog title, everything bad a man does, he will be labeled as dog, especially when he cheats. Since man was born with insatiable desire which therefore makes them cheats a lot, why then do girls cheat?

Is it right to say maybe they were also born with the cheating spirit or do they inherit as they grow up or maybe they are been talked or pushed into doing it? Well if you ask me I’d say it’s in every human both male and female waiting to come out, all you need do is push the button. Non-cheaters are not saints, it just happens to be that their buttons have never been tempered with that’s why they (Pardon my French) that’s why we do not cheat. The reasons many guys give as to why they cheat may not be too different, let me just say the first reason I’ll give is human wants according to economics are insatiable. According to nature, if you remove ‘HU’ from human, you will get ‘MAN’ so basically the sexual desires of most men are really, really insatiable, some cannot just control their libido. But can the same thing be said about the feminine side? I guess so, or not.

Some guys will say they prefer to taste variety than stick to one food, but can it be said otherwise? Well, let me just face reality for a second. A normal girl/woman will not be as ‘boyish’ (if that’s the correct word to use) as sleeping with more than two men in a day except that’s what she does for a living.  But a guy/man can sleep with as many women as he wants in a day as long as he got the skills to carry that operation out.

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But then the question still falls back to why girls cheat. Well, since my big head is too small to do all the thinking and get reasons as to why they cheat, I met a few people and tried to get different reasons as to why they think the opposite sex cheat, and well, I almost didn’t want to write this again after hearing some reasons because like I said earlier, it is always the guys fault and like ninety nine percent of the many reasons I got pointed accusing fingers to the guys. Wao, guys we done suffer.

So according to Osaki Romeo; it’s the usual one which is not being satisfied.

My coz Aneetah said some cheat for vengeance, more of a “do me I do you” thing if she doesn’t want to breakup with the guy; if she finds someone else interesting and different from what her guy is.

Amie, a much focused girl who wouldn’t even want to look at another guy whether he’s fine or not once she’s in a relationship said some girls cheat because they want to satisfy their romantic desires, if your boyfriend is not romantic, you may want to try other guys and see.

And Chanel (my would be wife if not for age difference) said they are looking for attention or maybe they are not into the guy they are with, or better still because they are lonely in the relationship.

Another issue that really needs consideration is ‘making out with other people while in a relationship’. Some don’t really see it as a big deal, but it really is a big deal tho. I thought you were meant to be with just one person when in a relationship? Why then would you consider making out with some other person?

Some say it’s not cheating, some say it’s just called having fun, and some don’t even feel guilty as long as there is no sex involved. But not all relationships are based on sex, so if you’re in a relationship where sex is the least issue and you make out with another person, will you call that cheating or not? Again this issue of being in a relationship without any affection is another reason for both parties to cheat. For the sake of God, what is really wrong with this generation serf? Why is everything about it is so extraordinaire?

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So I asked the girls if they will consider making out with some side dude even when in relationship, and one said yea, she would and will not consider it cheating, but just two people exchanging tongue and saliva. And when asked what she’ll do if she found out her boyfriend made out with some side chick, she said it’ll hurt her, but as long as she’s the one he is with, she’ll get over it. Now, if I understand clearly, if she makes out with another guy, it’s nothing but just two people exchanging tongue and saliva but if her guy makes out with another girl, then she’ll get hurt…

Another said she will consider making out with another guy cheating (good enough) and said if she found out her guy made out with another girl, she’ll first of all find out who the girl is, and if it turns out she’s uglier than her, she will break up with him. If he ever considers doing that with someone else, she has to be Kim Kardashian or Beyonce’s kind of fine before she’ll consider forgiving. Well, all said.

So here is what a guy called Iyke (probably the shortest guy I’ve seen in my life) had to say when asked about his thought on why girls cheat. According to him, he thinks they cheat to pay back, some because they just want to; others do it to better their lives and that of their boyfriends (in some circumstances). When asked what he’ll do if he found out his girl cheated on him he said two wrongs cannot make a right so he’s not going to breakup or cheat back on her instead he’ll sit her down and try to find out what made her do that and find a way to make things right. Well that’s what good guys do ain’t it? Well, if you’re wondering why I interviewed only one guy, it’s because he’s the only good guy I really think I know (except me of course) and he’s been dating for a year plus, the only guy I know that has only one woman so far, the rest are chronic players.

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So to cut the long story short and get over with this, since its 95% the fault of the guys that make girls cheat, they have a few advices for the guys. When asked what the guys have to do to avoid being cheated on, one said satisfy her always, be there for her, try to understand her so that when she is in a good or bad times you’ll know and above all, make her your soul mate, be sweet and treat her good. The other said if you are a ladies’ man (like hers) and you chose to be with a particular girl, then you should keep your d**k to your pants and stick to that particular girl and stop going out with others just because they want you. If a girl wants you, don’t want them back. Above all be nice, be what she wants, seek her opinion, appreciate her on little things whether nice or crazy, pay attention to her and be in the relationship and don’t let her feel like she’s the one that has to do everything and you’re just there as a male figure with a d**k.

So guys since the blame is all on us, you’ve heard what a few of them said, just try to work on it, not only guys but the girls too. Make your relationship stronger and better, those that have been in a relationship for more than a year or two are not better than you, you can do better to make yours go beyond that. Of course it’s not all a bed of roses but you can still pour roses on the bed and make it look sweet. For the girls I no know wetin I go talk o, but I actually was supposed to ask the guys what they think you girls should do to keep your relationship going, but I just realized I’m out of time and as a matter of fact, I gotta get out of here ASAP. So we could talk about that later…

Please o, nobody should hate me for whatever o, I was just bored so decided to do something helpful. Bye!!!