It is many guys’ desire; if not all, most, to get a lady on her knees and have her work her tongue on his wino. Some guys get very lucky and end up having the best blow jobs of their lives while some do not get as lucky and end up with shitty throating. Others just have girls kick against it totally and the reason often is not certain because prior to the time you ended up in the bedroom, you’ve talked about getting head or she has told the many ways she will make you scream when she’s putting her tongue on you or she has even tried it before with you and suddenly just decided she was not down with it anymore. Well, she may not detest it and even enjoy giving blow jobs but these are some of the reasons you will always get a no when it comes to girl giving you head:

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#1. YOU DON’T KEEP IT CLEAN DOWN THERE: it is not only girls that can have horrible stench down south if they don’t clean up properly, guys too can have a really bad stench in their private area when they don’t groom it well. Bushy pubic hair is a turn off for many girls and it also traps dirt. No one wants to have hair down their throat all the time. If you don’t shave at all or often, you will definitely get a No almost every time you ask for head.

#2. YOU DON’T RETURN THE FAVOUR: most guys see oral sex as something they deserve to get and so they see no reason to reciprocate. Giving is receiving, when you give your girl head, she will gladly oblige you when you ask her too. So, give as much as head to your girl so it can be given to you.

#3. SHE ALWAYS FEELS YOU ARE FORCING HER: unlike what we see in porns, no girl likes to have the man forcing her head down his thing. Let her be in charge of the whole thing. If she feels like she’s not doing it of her own accord, she will definitely say no the next time you ask her to give you a blow job. Fast, slow, super fast, let her be in control and make sure you compliment her about how good she is and how crazy she is turning you on.

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#4. IT TAKES TOO LONG FOR YOU TO BE DONE: whenever she gets down, it takes too long for you to cum and this can make the whole thing very uninteresting. Oral sex is not the main course, it is the appetizer and should therefore not take so long that it will ruin the main dish or your chances of head another time. If you know you are slow with cumming, switch to sex.

#5. UNPLEASANT SURPRISES DOWN HER THROAT: not everyone enjoys swallowing semen, do not assume she does and then release it in her mouth. Most girls find it very unpleasant and will stall your chances of getting head if you do this often. If you want to, ask her if she likes it and give her notice before dumping your cum in her mouth.

And if it is not any of the above, maybe she just doesn’t like it at all or it is just against her principles. It is best to not force a girl. Make her want to do it not force your wino down her throat.

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Girls, tell us some of the reasons you hate oral sex and guys, share with us some of the reasons you are not getting some tongue action.

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