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Zeinab Badawi takes in-depth look into Africa’s treasured history, as told by Africans

In a brand new eight-part series, renowned BBC World News presenter, Zeinab Badawi, travels to the land of her birth to discover some of Africa’s most treasured history.

The continent of Africa has a long, complex history, and its people built civilizations which rivalled those which existed anywhere else in the world. However, much of the continent’s history is not widely known, and the little that is known often projects a distorted, partial picture.

Sudan-born Zeinab travels to all four corners of Africa, interviewing historians, archaeologists, and citizens whose stories paint a vivid picture of their continent’s past and how it informs their present lives.

Zeinab Badawi said: “There is so much breadth and depth to Africa’s history, but little of it is told by Africans. That’s why this series is so important and so unique – it shapes perceptions of the continent and paints a picture that is very different to people’s preconceived ideas in today’s world. After decades of turmoil and uncertainty, a new Africa is emerging. The old stereotypes are being challenged and a new, compelling narrative is being written. It’s a privilege to present a programme that will provide solid coverage and analysis of Africa’s challenges and prospects.”
Mary Wilkinson, Head of Commissioning at BBC World News, said: “The History of Africa with Zeinab Badawi will be a revelation to audiences around the world. It’s an enormous, fascinating subject that deserves this sort of ambitious, in-depth treatment. Zeinab’s passion and compelling storytelling makes this a series not to be missed.”

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For eight weeks, beginning on the 1st July, History of Africa will air on BBC World News, every Saturday at 02:10 & 15:10 GMT and every Sunday at 09:10 & 21:10 GMT.