15 Things That Every Salary Earner Can Relate To

Money is slow to come and quick to go.

That’s something every salary earner knows. The money just disappears right before your very eyes. Here are 15 things that every salary earner will definitely relate to.

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1. When it’s the end of the month and you’ve not gotten your salary alert yet

2. And your account is practically empty

3. When you finally get the alert


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4. But you remember that the money you’re owing people is more than your salary

5. How you eat when you just get paid

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6. And this is you throughout the first week of the month


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7. After you pay your gbese and your money has finished

8. When your friends invite you to hang out and you have to lie that you’re sick

9. You when someone asks you for money

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10. When someone brings aso ebi for you to buy

11. When you tell someone you’re broke and you need some cash and they say ‘Shebi they just paid you’

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12. Your face when the bank deducts ‘SMS charges’ from your account that’s already empty

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13. How you think about all the foolish things you spent money on


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14. You desperately waiting for the month to end before you die

15. When your next salary comes and you repeat the cycle all over again

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