Five Cedi Note Printed In Honour Of Dr Kwegyir Aggrey

The Central Bank of Ghana (BOG) on Thursday indicated that the celebratory five Cedi note was printed to honour the memories of Dr. James Kwegyir Aggrey, a great Philosopher and Educationist in the eighteen century.

It was to honour him for his contribution towards girl child education in the West African Region and beyond.

Mr Bernard Otabil, Head of Communications of the BOG, said this during a media engagement in the Western Regional to officially introduce the currency to the media and solicit support on educating the public on the features of the new five cedi note as well as fight counterfeit.

He said the theme; “celebrating 60 years of Central Banking in Ghana” was chosen to highlight the significant milestone chalked by the institution since independence.

The BOG, which began its 60th anniversary celebration in March this year, was formed two days prior to the independence proclamation by Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah after breaking away from the colonial yoke of the four-state West African Currency Board.

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Mr. Edward Mussey, Head of Currency Department of BOG, noted that the money had been printed to also serve as a relic for keeps for future generation.

The commemorative note coloured in blue has its reverse side a feature of seaborne oil-drilling rig, cocoa pod, coconut, cowries shells and ‘adinkra’ symbolism including ‘Gye Nyame’ and the clenched fist.

Mr. Mussey said for the first time, the new note had a Quick Response code, readable by mobile phone app which instantly leads you to a special BOG website for details of the notes.

The commemorative note has eight features: security thread, watermark, tactile marks, intaglio portrait, optically variable ink, intaglio vignette, QR code and iridescent band.

Source: GNA

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