Heartbreaking! Wicked Mother Strangles Son After Stealing Him From Dad, Then Post Video on Facebook – Video

A wicked and heartless mother has come under severe criticism after she kidnapped her son and went ahead to show a video of her strangling him on Facebook to taunt her ex. 

The heartbreaking video shows a wicked mother trying to get back at the husband after kidnapping their son and proceeding to choke the boy before posting the video on Facebook to taunt the husband.
The video published over the weekend has generated bitter comments from people who have expressed shock at the callous nature of the woman. Many have called for the immediate arrest and prosecution of the woman for abuse. 
The woman said be named Caroline is a resident of Curitiba, Brazil. According to unconfirmed information, the boy, who is two years old, lived with his father, 20, in the Campo de Santana, in Curitiba before the kidnap. On Sunday, the woman allegedly entered the man’s house, accompanied by two armed men and forcefully took the boy away.
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