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Ghanaian Cries Foul On Social Media After Ghana Police Seized His Car – Claiming It’s One Of The Missing Cars From The Presidency

A Ghanaian social media user is crying foul after his car was seized by the Ghana Police Service for allegedly being part of the pool of missing cars from the Presidency.

Nii Tettey, writing on Facebook, said the car has been taken from his custody since last Friday, and has not been returned to him till date.

He also claimed he has not been issued any receipt for the car taken from him.

Over 200 cars have reportedly been found ‘missing’ from the fleet of cars at the Presidency, forcing the new President to be unable to utilise official vehicles for his movement.

The NDC have denied the allegations, with one former official claiming no cars are missing but Nana Addo is simply giving that excuse so as not to use the same vehicles used by his predecessor, upon the advice of Rev Isaac Owusu Bempah.

Owusu Bempah has denied giving any such advice.

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Somehow, the police are now claiming one of the missing cars is in the hand of this Ghanaian.

Read Nii Tettey’s ordeal, as posted on social media, below…

What is this with Ghana police and the tug life…. Can you imagine my car has been picked up by Ghana police that it is on of the cars missing from the Presidential pool…. Soo frustrating no one is willing to talk the police at the flagstaff house have taken two copies of the car documents since Friday I am being told the car key is with one police officer at the flagstaff house called G Adu Amankwaah….. Have we ceased to have laws operating in this country….. Since Thursday productivity has just gone down because as the case is in Ghana that car can disappear…. Since the police feel it is OK to keep the key but not okay to give a receipt that shows the car is in their possession…. I will soon start uploading fotos and videos of the incidents online….

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Many well meaning and good standing Ghanaians have intervened and still….. Do we have human rights in this country all it is all gone up in flames…. So frustrating….

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