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Listen: Sakawa Man Confesses How He Killed his Mother and Slept With 30 Virgins Every Friday

A young sakawa man, (name withheld) has confessed how he killed his own biological mother and slept with 30 virgins every Friday.

Speaking in a radio interview, the young man who has now repented by the Grace of God revealed that he was very desperate to succeed in life, hence his decision to seek for spiritual help.

According to him, life hasn’t always been for him and his family since they are very poor and the solution for hi is to join the ‘Sakawa’ movement.

He was also quick to say that, he never knew the ritualist would demand for the life of his mother when his friends took to the shrine.
“Life hasn’t been fair to me and my family. Things were though for us and what to eat is even difficult to get. I always wanted to get plenty money to be help to help my family.”

“My friends took to a place where we met with a mallam who agreed to help me so I can so money. The mallam never told me that my mother would die.”

After some rituals was when I was told that I should bring my mother and must sleep with 30 virgins every Friday.”

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