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Evelyn Boakye Refuses Chaabn’s Apology

The Ghanaian female employee of Marwako whose face was dipped in pepper by a supervisor, Evelyn Boakye, has indicated that she would not accept the apology rendered to her by her assailant, Jihad Chaabn.

Chaabn released a letter of apology addressed to Boakye, in which he apologises to her for his actions and expresses regret. He however, maintained, the incident was an accident.

But speaking on Accra Fm Monday, Boakye said she would not accept the apology and instead would let the case proceed.

“I cannot accept the apology because if the police had not come in, the matter would have been a ‘foolish’ case,” she told the aptly named Accra based station.

She added: “I was told by one Ali (also a worker there) that I was not the first person to have experienced this treatment at the place, and that even those handling the chicken also experienced same treatment. He suggested to me that we come together to use this incident to extort money from Chaaban but I said no, I wanted justice.

“Because I rejected that ploy, my co-workers have all turned against me and so I cannot accept the apology. I know God will deal with this matter.” she concluded.

Chaabn, who is accused of holding Evelyn’s face down in pepper for close to ten minutes, has been granted bail by the police whilst investigations into the issue continues.