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CHRIS-VINCENT Writes: The Marwako Maltreatment Saga–Several Ghanaian Bosses Are Doing Worst

That’s the photo of the Lebanese Supervisor-Jihad Chaaban at the centre of the Marwako Restaurant saga–he has been charged with battery by the Police.

Because of social media, the victim has obtained the justice she deserves.

But I find the insults being thrown at foreigners who own businesses in Ghana funny–as Ghanaian business owners do the same or worst.

I encouraged and pushed my girlfriend, now wife-to-be to quit her job some time back, because, her boss gave her no employment contract, despite the Labor Law clearly and specifically making this a requirement.

She was not even given an appointment letter–nothing to show she worked for this company at the time..

Irrespective of how much I pressured her to ensure she got these legal papers which she was simply entitled to, the boss, a Ghanaian never wanted to give it to her–so literally, she had no rights as a human being working for another human being.

It was as if the boss was doing her a favour by giving her a job–when employment is simply a relationship between a skill bearer and a skill ‘requirer’.

This is a first class University graduate, being treated like this by a boss who perhaps hasn’t been to University even. You can imagine my anger–so I said; quit it, “I will pay you how much he gives you each month–until you find something you love to do that comes with the respect you deserve.”

She did not have a closing time: sometimes she worked to as late as 8pm–in fact, they were only allowed to leave after the boss had left.


And they were not paid overtime even if they worked for 1000 hours extra each month.

She had nothing that detailed her work requirements and how much she was to be paid each month.

A lot of Ghanaian workers are being maltreated by their bosses, simply because we lack robust Labour institutions to protect the rights of the ordinary worker.

How many boyfriends in Ghana can ask their girlfriends to quit their jobs and pay them each month as though they were working–even if their case is worse than what my girlfriend’s own was?

As a result, Ghanaian workers, especially women have to endure physical, emotional and s*xual abuse at the workplace for fear of losing their jobs.

Do you think this is the first time this Lebanese has mistreated a worker in Ghana? I don’t think so–he must have gotten away with so much that he will be shocked today why he’s been arrested and charged for this incident.

Bosses are sleeping with workers for as little as 500 GHS a month pay. It’s really sad.

I know someone whose boss asks her to suck his d*ck in the office anytime the two of them are left behind. Now, I cannot employ this person, so if I ask her to quit her job, what will happen to her?

It’s really sad that hard working Ghanaians are being exploited by employers and on top being maltreated in such shocking manner.

I understand it makes people extensively angry when the perpetrator is a foreigner, but our own people are showing them the way.

And our system is permitting such diabolical actions.