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Drama At Marwako Pepper Manager Trial

There was drama at the Abeka District Court yesterday when a confrontation ensued between relatives of caterer Evelyn Boakye and those of the Ablemkpe branch Manager of Marwako Restaurant, Jihad Chabaan.

Visibly incensed Evelyn was seen throwing punched in the air as she exited the court room while relatives moved to restrain and calm her down.

The defence team had incurred the wrath of the complainant for telling the court that Jihad would need an Arabic interpreter to assist him to open his much anticipated defence in the trial.

Julio De Medeiros, lawyer for Jihad, told the court that they had noticed that information was not provided by their client in his statement taken by the police upon his arrest.

This, he claimed, could be attributed to the inability of Jihad to fluently express himself in the English language.

According him, to avert a reoccurrence, an interpreter will be necessary in the case.

Trial Magistrate Victoria Guansah said the court would formally request from the Judicial Service an Arabic interpreter to assist Jihad open his defence.

The court had dismissed a submission of no case filed by the defence to prevent it (court) from ordering the accused to open his defence in the case.

Kobby Ofori, a brother of the caterer, told journalists that they found the claim that the accused cannot speak English very strange as they know him (Jihad) as someone who communicates in the language.

But Lawyer De Medeiros disagrees, rejecting claims the move was geared at delaying the court.

“Our client cannot communicate in fluent English; this is a court of competent jurisdictionl; each statement uttered will be key in the case. One of the tools he will require to make his defence is an interpreter and we have made that request. This cannot be described as attempt to delay the court,” De Medeiros claimed.

Hearing continues on Wednesday, May 10
Jihad is before the court for assault.
The accused, 26, is reported to have dipped the head of Evelyn into blended pepper on February 26, 2017.

According to the prosecution led by Chief Inspector H.A. Hanson, the accused offensively conducted himself when he angrily called the complainant a “prostitute.”

Jihad is facing an additional charge of intentionally and unlawfully causing harm to Evelyn when he reportedly dipped the head of the complainant in the blended pepper.

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By Jeffrey De-Graft Johnson