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FDA arrests ‘fake TV doctor’

The Food and Drugs Authority has caused the arrest of Mr. Alex Kwadwo Amponsah, a herbalist who was recently seen on TV claiming he had the cure for various sexually transmitted infections.

Mr. Amponsah suggested on a TV program that, ladies who left candidiasis untreated, had it progress to gonorrhea and after a while, it developed into syphilis before it grows into HIV.

His supposed health education on television greatly misinformed the many who were tuned in as he went on to invite anyone who had medical challenges to visit his herbal center for treatment.

A video footage of his ‘TV education’ which went viral got the attention of the FDA who together with the Nima Police effected his arrest.

According to the FDA, the suspect, who is the Chief Executive Officer of Amponsah Herbal Clinic and “Wo Haw Ne Sen” Company Limited contravened sections of its regulations in the Public Health Act 2012, Act 851.

The Act clearly frowned upon open public advertisement of cures for Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) and other forms of genitor-urinary diseases.

AIDS or diseases connected with the human reproductive functions and some other diseases such as Alcoholism, Appendicitis, Asthma, Blindness, Cancer, Deafness, Diabetes and Fibroid are among conditions whose cure must not be advertised.

The FDA said it was a criminal offense to advertise the treatment, prevention or cure for those conditions and as such Mr. Amponsah will be charged for engaging in criminality.

Mr. Amponsah has been taken into police custody where he is assisting in investigations and arrangements made for his prosecution.

Watch Mr. Amponsah’s video below:

By: Jonas Nyabor/